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Hidden Gardens Venue Tours

  • Private tour of the Hidden Garden Venue

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  • How many tables do you have and what type are they?
    HGV has all real wood farm house style table (made by us): - 5: 8 foot (30 inch width) - 7: 10 foot (30 inch width) - 4: 7 foot (30 inch width) - 1: 6 foot sweetheart (30 inch width)
  • Are you ADA accessible?
    The entire first floor of the venue and ceremony site are ADA accessible with wide doors and ramps.
  • How many restroom do you have?
    The first floor features both men and women's restrooms. Woman: 3 stalls Men: 2 urinal and 1 stall The second story of the venue where our Bride and Groom suites are located features: Bridal Suite: a large restroom located in the suite that is spacious for both bridesmaids to help the bride and maneuver the dress Groom Suite: also features a large restroom directly outside of the Grooms Suite
  • What kind of space do you have for catering?
    Catering can enter/exit through our service entrance and find the prep kitchen. Our prep kitchen is considered a Cold Kitchen and features a sink, metal table, and refrigerator. There are 3 doors in and out of the Prep Kitchen, one to the front of the venue. This is ideal for cocktail hours held at the front of the venue. The second enters directly into our bar room. The third goes to the hallway that leads both out the service entrance and to the backdoor of the venue.
  • How many parking spots do you have?
    We have 85 parking spots
  • Do you have required vendors?
    You are free to choose and bring any vendors except for: bar and security Bar: You must use our preferred bar company GR8 Bartending - 817-755-0824 Security: Must be booked when liquor is served and is booked by us
  • Can we cater ourselves?
    We do allow you to cater your own events but any caterer (whether a vendor or self) must have an insurance policy with a minimum of $1,000,000 claim
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